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we are proud of our excellence in providing customized and unique services, which makes us a popular choice for our customers. We work wholeheartedly to protect the rights of our clients and achieve their legal goals with maximum efficiency and honesty.

Judicial services

Effective representation before the courts in all cases of various disciplines of law

Legal consultancy

An important aspect of a lawyer's job is the development of relationships with clients

Execution of judicial decisions

We take all necessary measures to implement it efficiently and effectively

Preparation of cases and pleadings

We are experts in editing lawsuits and pleadings related to various legal fields

About us

About us

We believe that justice is a fundamental pillar for the success of society and the stability of individuals and companies.

The group was established with a clear vision to provide comprehensive and integrated legal services, exceeding the expectations of our clients in the state of Kuwait and abroad.

Our team includes distinguished lawyers and legal consultants, who have extensive experience in a wide range of legal disciplines. The team combines high academic qualifications and practical experience, which ensures the provision of high-quality legal services.

  • Get your legal advice.
  • All lawyers are experts.
  • Suitable prices.
  • We are fighting for you.
  • We give you the support you deserve.
  • Justice for all.

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Step by step

How we work
At Al-Hawas Group for Law and Legal Consulting

 we adopt an effective process that consists of four basic steps:


Evaluation and consultation

We start with a detailed understanding of your case or legal needs.
This allows us to analyze the information and provide an initial consultation based on a deep understanding of the situation. 


Strategy development

Based on the initial assessment, we develop a customized legal strategy that matches the nature of your case. We clearly define the future steps to ensure that your goals are achieved in the best possible way.


Implementation and representation

We carry out the steps specified in the strategy efficiently and effectively. We perform representation before the court or judicial bodies in an outstanding manner, focusing on protecting your rights and interests.


Follow-up and improvement

After the completion of the representation stage, we follow the developments of the case and submit periodic reports. We listen to your feedback and improve our strategy based on the experiences gained to ensure the best results.

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