About us

Our legal office

At Al-Hawas Group for Law and Legal Consulting , we consider that justice is a fundamental pillar for the success of society and the stability of individuals and companies.
The group was established with a clear vision to provide comprehensive and integrated legal services, exceeding the expectations of our clients in the state of Kuwait and abroad.

Our team

Our team includes distinguished lawyers and legal consultants, who have extensive experience in a wide range of legal disciplines. The team combines high academic qualifications and practical experience, which ensures the provision of high-quality legal services.

Our vision

We aspire to be a leading legal group in the state of Kuwait and the region, distinguished in providing legal services and consulting, committed to the highest standards of quality and transparency. 

Our mission

We strive to achieve the fairness of the law and protect the rights of our clients efficiently and transparently. We undertake to provide a comprehensive and specialized legal solution that meets the needs and aspirations of our clients in all legal fields.

Our goals


We provide excellent and effective legal services that meet the needs of our clients. 


Promote excellence and innovation in all aspects of legal service delivery.


Building sustainable relationships with our clients based on trust and integrity.


Contribute to the development of the Justice and law system in society.  


Continuously develop and improve the skills and competencies of our legal team.