At Al-Hawas Group for Law and Legal Consulting, we provide a comprehensive package of legal services to meet the needs of our clients with the highest degree of efficiency and professionalism. Our team is characterized by specialization and excellence, where we put justice and customer rights at the core of our work.
Here’s an overview of our services:

Judicial services


Representation before the court

We provide excellent legal representation before all courts at all levels, whether civil, criminal, or commercial. We aim to protect your rights and achieve justice.

Preparation of cases and pleadings

We are experts in editing diverse claims and pleadings, focusing on quality and effectiveness in defending or claiming rights.

Settlement of disputes

We adopt an integrated approach to the peaceful settlement of disputes, contributing to the achievement of agreements that comprehensively meet the interests of our clients.

Execution of judicial decisions

An important aspect of a lawyer's job is the development of relationships with clients.

Legal consultancy


Drafting contracts and agreements

We take the art of drafting contracts as an art, interested in preparing strong legal agreements and adhering to legal standards.

Providing legal advice

We provide transparent and specialized legal advice in areas such as business, real estate, and intellectual property rights

Preparation of declarations and legal papers

We draft the necessary declarations and papers to secure the interests of our clients in front of various authorities

Oral and written consultations

We provide comprehensive oral and written legal advice in multiple areas, focusing on a thorough understanding of issues and providing an appropriate legal solution.

At Al-Hawas Group for Law and Legal Consulting  , we pledge to provide high-quality legal services, and we always look forward to achieving our clients ' satisfaction through uniqueness and efficiency in everything we offer.